Alyra Abyss

Miqo'te (Keeper) - 28 - Pansexual - Malboro - General Manager, The Honest Gillionaire - Security Specialist


  • Name: Alyra Abyss

  • Age: 28

  • Heritage: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon + ???

  • Height: 5'4"

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Profession: Club Manager/Hostess, Head of Security for Mooncrest Holdings

Alyra is a sweet Miqo'te with blue hair and startlingly crimson eyes. The young woman has several different 'modes' she presents to the world, depending on whether she's acting in a capacity as a club manager or a mercenary. In either respect she presents herself with a degree of confidence that masks the self she shows when in trusted company. When not in work-mode, the blue catto is a sweet, shy, and often anxious in most social situations - an aspect her partner and friends are trying to break her of, with some measure of success. Even so, she will keep being the sweet, optimistic Miqo'te she always has been.


Early Life
Alyra was born to a small offshoot of the Dakwhil tribe in the Twelveswood that had long held to being nomadic hunters, and grew up learning how to track and survive in the often unforgiving lands within the Black Shroud. Never excelling enough to stand out from her sisters, Alyra often dreamed of something more - and as strange occurrences began to happen around her, her desire to leave her home only grew. When she was angry, scared, or otherwise gripped by strong emotions plants near her might wither or other members of her tribe might become inexplicably ill. Worried what the reaction might be should the link between herself and this strangeness be discovered, Alyra left - hoping desperately that something in the wider world might have the answers to what was wrong with her.

Study and Mercenary Life
Alyra's journey took her first to Limsa, where she joined the Arcanist's guild. Realizing that her troubles had something to do with her Aether, she threw herself into her studies but came up short. Arcanima, while helpful in managing her condition, didn't have the effect she desired. Dejected, she left Limsa to seek answers elsewhere. It was only a chance encounter with a wandering swordsman that seemed to set her on the right path. In taking up the practice of Red Magic, Alyra learned to rely upon her own Aether and closed off the part of herself that had drawn from her surroundings. It had seemed she had found the solution she'd sought for the past several years.
With little direction left and her problem seemingly solved, Alyra became a Mercenary, wandering from Eorzea to Garlemald and back on whatever job she could find. The life wasn't so different than when she was a child - on the move constantly, doing whatever she could to make ends meet and see another day. Yet, after close to a decade of this she felt...tired. Alone. She needed a change, so she returned to Eorzea one last time to find it.

The Present Day
First returning to Limsa, Alyra quickly found a new passion in performance. She found her way to a club run by Vulispa Abyss, and there made fast friends with the Raen and her lovers the Mooncrests. Over time, that friendship has shifted - the Miqo'te finding love with Vulispa and a found family among her friends, even growing from a simple dancer to the General Manager of The Honest Gillionaire - a club owned and operated by Vulispa and the Mooncrests.
Still, the specter of her condition haunted her. She returned to the Twelveswood to find her tribe only to lose control, harming others in the process. For this she was cast out of her tribe and told to never return, and the fear in the eyes of her sisters struck a deep wound in her. Ever since, she has struggled to find a different way to manage what she is, learning how to control the ability to siphon Aether instead of closing it off. She kept clinging to her tribe's name, as well - not entirely ready to let go of her ties to the family that had rejected her. It was in rescuing an old friend of Vulispa's that she realized she needed to let go. She had a family that accepted her for what she was, and a partner that loved her. She discarded her old name and joined the House of Abyss, a collection of misfits and others.There are still questions that need to be answered, and the Twelve only know where they will lead. But she will not walk that path alone.

RP Hooks

  • Dance: Alyra has loved to dance since long before she made it part of her career. She loves meeting other dancers and talking shop, or even just hitting the dance floor with new friends.

  • Magic: Though she can seem a bit scatterbrained at times, Alyra has studied magic and aetherology in-depth and knows a lot more about the subjects than she's given credit for. Red Magic is her particular area of expertise, though she knows a great deal about corporeal aether.

  • Swordplay: Alyra first picked up a sword after leaving her home in the Black Shroud and has never looked back. She adores goobing about sword styles with other duelists, and even how dance and dueling interplay with each other. While she's since hung up her rapier, it's still a favorite subject of hers and she's always trying to find new ways to incorporate old skills into her current martial pursuits.

  • Hunting/Survival: While it's not her favorite subject, Alyra never forgot her first lessons, and still has some skill in hunting and tracking along with a fair bit of archery.

  • Making Friends: Alyra might start off shy, but she loves meeting new people and making friends.- Former Bodyguard: Alyra spent years on the road as an adventurer and bodyguard, meeting all sorts of people along the way.

  • Voidsent: Though the fact is entirely unknown to the Miqo'te, Alyra is part voidsent. She continues to seek answer to the strange abilities she has, because of this. ((OOC permission needed for this hook))


Vulispa Abyss
Alyra's lover, partner, and best friend. While their relationship began as simply professional, it quickly turned into a friendship that blossomed into something more after a fateful event that saw Alyra turn up half-dead and aethersick on Vulispa's doorstep. It was Vulispa that offered Alyra a place in House Abyss, recognizing that the Miqo'te needed a place to belong.

The Mooncrests
Met first as patrons of the first venue Alyra worked at, and then through their mutual connection with Vulispa, Vyce and Cirissa Mooncrests have become a fixture in the blue-haired Miqo'te's life. Dear friends and lovers, Alyra sees them as an extension of the found family she has made. Whether it's cooking, snuggling up for a nap, or something more, Alyra enjoys every moment she gets to spend with the fascinating power couple.

OOC Info

A few OOC notes before we RP. I absolutely enjoy ERP but that's not all that I'm after. If that sort of roleplay is all that you'd like, you can often find Alyra working as a Manager at The Honest Gillionaire on Saturdays and are free to book her there.While Alyra has a girlfriend, their relationship is an open one, though I'm not looking to add more partners for Alyra at the moment. I'm not opposed to roleplay developing that way, but I'd prefer not to enter a storyline or interaction with that as the end goal right off the bat. Let's RP, get to know each other, and develop some fun stories together!I'm really flexible as far as post-length goes, and tend to adapt to the person I'm playing with. From Paragraph to Multi-Paragraph, to just a few sentences, I can work with whatever you're comfortable with.If you need to get in touch with me, the best way is via Discord at ShatteredPhoenix#6171Please note that I operate in the AEST time zone (Australian Eastern Standard Time) so if I don't respond immediately I may be asleep!